18 inch Elevated Dog Feeder with two 2 Quart Bowls

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The simple, elegant style of this raised feeder by Trendy Pet is perfect for the design conscious pet owner. The 18 inch tall double bowl feeder is great for a Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Collie, Golden Retriever and more. This elevated feeder is constructed of a durable plastic material, and includes two quality 2 quart stainless steel bowls. This feeder is suggested for the breeds listed below. These are only suggestions, the best way to determine the correct height is to measure your pet. Features BPA free plastic Water resistant Easy to clean Rot resistant Will not split or delaminate like wood Made in the USA Feeder Size 22" wide x 11" deep x 18" tall 55.9cm x 22.9cm x 45.7cm Bowl Info 6 cups / 1.4 L (Capacity) 8.25" / 21cm (Diameter) 2.75" / 7cm (Depth) Airedale Terrier Alaskan Malamute Belgian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Black and Tan Coonhound Bloodhound Boxer Briard Chesapeake Bay Retriever Collie English Setter Foxhound German Shepherd German Shorthaired Pointer Golden Retriever Gordon Setter Ibizan Hound Irish Water Spaniel Labrador Retriever Otterhound Pharaoh Hound Pointer Poodle-Standard Rottweiler Weimaraner