Bichon/Coton, Lab, Blood Hound, Puppy & Pug Feeders & Toy Boxes

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Bochini Vintage Label Feeders have been a work in process for the last five years. Originally, our Vintage Label Feeders were adorned with original produce labels from the early through mid 1900's. However, due to new discoveries and customer requests we now offer labels and images from 1940's pinup art, tattoo art, vintage hotel logo's and tags, vintage pet food labels and many others. New images and designs are added to our Vintage Labels Feeders inventory constantly. We also welcome special requests. After design, construction and sanding, each feeder is treated with a high quality exterior deck stain followed by multiple coats of sealant to eliminate any possibility of water damage from sloppy dogs. comes with stainless steel bowls. Petite 4.5" bowl (holds 1/2 pint), 11" Long X 5" Wide X 3" - 5" Small 6.5" bowl (holds 3/4 quart), 16" Long X 8" Wide X 5" - 8" High Med 7.75" bowl (holds 1 quart), 18" Long X 10" Wide X 8" - 12" High Large 10" bowl (holds 3 quarts), 20" Long X 12" Wide X 12" - 18" High Single feeders are 1/2 as wide. Small Toy Box: Height: 7" Length: 16" Width: 8" Medium Toy Box: Height: 8" Length: 18" Width: 10" Large Toy Box: Height: 9" Length:20" Width: 12"