build your own SnoozePad

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Introducing the snoozePad. A luxurious yet simple, elevated dog bed that will last a life time. The snoozePad is the perfect designer additon to your home or for your most spoiled guests in your luxury pet hotel. It is designed to be chew-resistant to be used indoors or outdoors as a favorite resting spot. Consider the following benefits of the DoggySnooze bed: •Chew resistant: the aluminum alloy frame will last forever and the strong cordura fabric for many years. But most importantly, dogs that chew their beds won't have a chance with the DoggySnooze. All mattress edges are enclosed, which makes the bed base itself chew resistant. •Elevated: a raised dog bed prevents anything that comes from the floor. Avoid the cold/hot and wet floor surface and fleas and other insects. Unlike foam beds which are placed on the ground, an elevated dog bed prevents condensation, a factor which causes foam to rot. •Stylish: the simplicity in the design and the (five) colors to choose for the bed layer mattress, allow it to blend in with most interiors. Replacable bed layers can be purchased to accommodate your interior design updates. •Orthopedic: optionally you can select a memory foam pad to be inserted between the upper frame portion and the bed layer. This provide a perfect orthopedic support layer for the health and comfort of your dog. This dog bed was selected by CBS News the Early Show as one of the coolest pet products. Watch here. Designer note: this 'chew resistant base bed' became permanent part of DoggySnooze 2.0 as snoozePad (internally called crashpad) •Medium dimensions:35" L x 23" W x 5" - 10" H •Large dimensions: 44" L x 28" W x 5" - 10" H elevated legs add 6.5"