Eve 1

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The Jax & Bones Napper Bed is incredibly comfortable and provides hours of deep sleep. Outer bolsters unzip for easy maintenance and the center pad is removable for easy washing. This bed is overstuffed and is excellent for senior dogs who need a little extra joint support. This bed is constructed using printed microfiber a superior quality, USA made upholstery grade fabric. This bed is anti-microbial and resistant to dirt and stains. Soft and luxurious, this bed is easy to clean and extremely durable. Small: 24"X21"X7" Medium: 35"X27"X9" Large: 40"X32"X12" Extra Large: 50"X42"X15" Recommended sizes for dogs Small: 20 lbs. Medium: 40 lbs. Large: 75 lbs. Extra Large: 100 lbs.