Herringbone Microvelvet with Granite Piping

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The Bowsers Isotonic Memory Foam Mattress uses cutting edge technology to ensure that your dog sleeps in complete comfort. Developed for NASA to relieve extreme g-force pressures, Isotonic pressure-relieving material represents a breakthrough in human sleep technology. And doesn't your pet deserve the ultimate in comfort too? The memory foam at work here is a breathable material that is temperature sensitive and allows your dog to distribute his body weight over the entire surface area. In this bed, it's combined with firm foam for additional support. The removable cover is machine washable, and the sleek design makes you proud to put it in your home. All of these dog beds are made with strong, luggage-quality zippers and supersoft, pre-washed color-safe fabrics. Each product is manufactured to meet the highest standards and inspected individually to ensure quality. Medium 20 ”x30 ”x4 ” Large 24x36 ”x4 ” Extra Large 30 ”x40 ”x5 ”