In Dog We Trust Bandanas

In Dog We Trust Bandanas
There is nothing stronger than a dog’s trustworthiness. You can TRUST your dog to love you unconditionally, TRUST him to love whatever you buy for him, TRUST him to keep all of your secrets, and Trust him to greet you every time with a bark and a wag and many licks like you have been away forever.

In Dog We Trust has created a line of products to honor that trustworthiness. Made in the USA (by small dogs who think they’re elves).

In Dog We Trust bandanas are unique, reversible and lightweight. Double sided with coordinating patterns and bright colors. With 5 different size bandanas we have covered almost all sizing needs. Each bandana comes with a free car window sticker.


xsmall - 10 lbs and under

size small 11-20 lbs

medium - 21-50 lbs

large - 50-80 lbs

xlarge - 80 lbs and up