Laminated Cotton Dog Collar and Leash

Laminated Cotton Dog Collar and Leash
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Product Description

Laminated Cotton: shiny, stain & dirt resistant, resists water, brightly colored, super easy to clean, and dang cool.

Your dog: Likes being given reasons to play in the dirt and jump in the water.

Mimi Green: Designed a line of Laminated Cotton collars that will rock your world (and your pup's too!)

Laminated Cotton is made by covering a high quality cotton sheeting with a thin layer of polyurethane film. It is PVC, lead & BPA free which makes it even more awesome!

Comes in 6 sizes, 1'' and 5/8" wide.

Made with contoured buckles that fit the curves of your dog's neck,

Large gauge D-Rings

Laminated Cotton is sturdy, waterproof, and stain-resistant

Simply wash with a damp sponge and cool water (or for heavy soiling, machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle)

Make the other dogs Green with Envy!


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Matching Leash
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