Lawn System

Lawn System
Item# KW100

Product Description

Outdoor pet enclosure stakes quickly and easily into your lawn and allows your cat to relax in the fresh air, watch the birds, exercise and enjoy the sunshine without the risks of escape or injury.


•Completely enclosed with 2 doors

•Open net construction

•Sets up in seconds

•Maximum visibility and ventilation

•Does not harm your grass

•No Assembly required - Sets up in seconds

•Additional units can be added

•Solid steel components & rip stop netting

•Weather resistant for use during all seasons

•Handy travel & storage bag included

•Folded Dimensions: 18”W x 24”H x 3”D

•Accepts Kittywalk KABANA™ accessory

•Connects with other Kittywalk units-see below


•When assembled: 10' x 18" x 24"


Box of 4 Curves contains: 4 curves & 2 doors.


•Completely enclosed with 2 doors

•Can be used on any surface, grass, wood or stone.

•Does not harm your grass

•Works with all Kittywalk outdoor pet enclosures.

•Weatherproof rip-stop collapsible netting with a sturdy steel frame

•Easy set-up. Snaps together in just minutes

•Each curve section is 24" outer diameter X 18" wide

•Travel bag included
Create your own combinations of interesting passageways for your pet with the versatile Kittywalk “T” Connect addition to your existing Kittywalk System and be limited only by your imagination!


•Designed to be used with original Kittywalk outdoor enclosures (not Carnival) on any flat surface

•With three optional entry ways, the T-Connect can open up the world for your cats when easily connected to the Kittywalk, Deck & Patio, Penthouse& Curves components of the Kittywalk System of outdoor pet enclosures

•Made from rugged rip-stop netting with steel wickets

•Available for purchase as a single unit, or a pair of units.

•Heavy duty weather resistant canvas

•T-Connect cannot be used alone

•Included one door

•24" Wide
Sunshade and Hammock offer shade and comfort for your cat while using Kittywalk. Features:

•Weatherproof, washable canvas.

•KABANA™ Covers 24” section of Kittywalk Lawn, and Deck & Patio versions.

•Awning & Hammock tie easily to any section of Kittywalk.