Novel Bike Trailer

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This product folds easily and converts to stroller (with optional kit), car seat or crate. Includes leash set and rain cover is incorporated into the new design. The Novel is the top dog bike trailer used for several cross country trips, like Tour de Dog and endorsed by a gold medal Olympic winner. Lightweight Alu-alloy frame. Includes leash set. •Lowered center of gravity for optimal stability •Seat position and tow bar alignment designed for safety and stability •Side support designed to prevent leaning into rotating wheels •Fabric and screen mesh that protects rain, UV and paw scratches •Side and front reflection stripes on cabin •Safety flag included •Aluminum alloy frame for less towing weight (8 lbs lighter than Original) •Fits through most doors with it's 30.5 inches (78 cm) width •Alloy rims and RVS spokes for durability •Tow bar aligned from center for leveled ride and stability •Stable and cleanable anti-slip base •Two section roof-front opening designed for optimal riding pleasure for different breeds •Rain/dust front layer to prevent spats or eye sensitivity •Headrest cushion on edge of front opening •Convenience pouch and water bottle holder in rear entry •Folds easily for storage •Air and screen opening at the back •Air flow circulation control with side windshields Versatility •Quick release wheels for easy and quick conversion •Main cabin can be used as crate for training purposes •Cabin fits into rear section of station wagons and SUVs to accommodate long outdoor trips •Use of cabin on camping trips as tent •Converts to jogger or stroller with optional set •Optional roof rack for cycling vacation or groceries << >>