Paws Aboard Inflatable Raft

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Now your pool pal can kick back and relax with this Lazy Raft. Thick, durable sun-resistant vinyl shaped like a paw print. Easy to inflate and puncture free! (note: product is not cat claw resistant)

The Lazy Raft's large flat surface and durable vinyl construction will provide your dog with years of laziness and safety while lounging around.


  • Thick, super durable, sun resistant vinyl fabric shaped like dog foot print
  • Easy to inflate and very stable in water
  • Puncture-free guarantee from dog claws
  • Color: yellow and blue
  • Material: vinyl fabric
  • Small: 25 x 39" 0 - 30 lbs
  • Large: 50 x 39" 30 - 90 lbs
  • Extra Large 69" x 55" x 9"

Lazy Raft hole is intentional