Pet Flys Cheetah/Brown Reversible Snuggle Bug

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The Petflys Snuggle Bug offers all-in-one comfort for you and your pet. The Snuggle Bug has three functions - it's a carrier, a bed, and a car seat. It's also reversible, and comes in 5 exciting colors. Each Snuggle Bug comes with a matching pillow and blanket. The bed can be turned on its side, and with the pillow on the bottom it can even be used as a cozy burrow bed for ultimate comfort. The carrier strap attaches to the Snuggle Bug, allowing you to easily take your dog for a walk or car ride. The strap simply slips over your car seat's headrest to keep the Snuggle Bug secure. You and your pet are sure to love all the features of the Snuggle Bug, it's a truly one-of-a-kind dog product. Features: One-size-fits-all up to 16 lbs. All-in-one: Carrier, Bed, Car Seat Also Doubles as a Burrow Bed Includes Matching Two-sided Pillow and Blanket. Reversible. . .