Red Run Around Tote

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Sorry Black and Tan are out of stock at the manufacturer A LIGHTWEIGHT TOTE FOR THE PET THAT ABSOLUTELY MUST GO EVERYWHERE YOU DO! The RunAround tote is a super lightweight (1.5lbs) that accomodates from 2lbs to 16lb Product details are as follows: Handle Length 17" Length of tote 16.5" Width of tote 7.5" Height of tote 12" Soft Cuddle Mat Safety Chain Animal Print Scarf Small Shuttle Purse There are no pockets on this carrier, the RunAround tote is all about your pets comfort. Spot clean your carrier interior with disinfectant wipes for children! Pillow can be machine washed (no fabric softener in the wash) but use a fabric softener sheet in the dryer on lowest setting for optimal results!