Webbing Collars & Leashes

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PERSONALIZABLE COLLARS There is lots of class in our plain webbing collars' simplicity. Our Webbing Collars are the perfect marriage of hot fashion and sensible durability. Made with contoured buckles that fit the curves of your dog's neck, Large gauge D-Rings and Washable Super Cool We make our dog collars in 5 sizes and 2 widths. No matter if you have a Great Dane or a Toy Poodle, you will find a Mimi collar that fits just right, is super strong, and matches your dog's hip style. xsmall 5/8x6-10" small 5/8"x8-10" medium 1" x 12-15" large 1" x 15-22" xlarge 1" x 22-25" HARNESSES We don't like bulky dog harnesses that take 15 minutes to put on, and we know you don't either. We know your dog is ready for that walk 10 minutes ago! Who has time to stop to fuddle around with a harness? Mimi Green has the answer. We combined our funky Mimi Green style with your dog's need for comfort, safety, and easy living and we got our new Step-in Designer Dog Harnesses! Step in? That's right --all your dog has to do is step in their front legs, you pull up and snap, and you two are ready to go. Couldn't be easier OR better looking! •It’s made with contoured buckles that fit the curves of your dog's neck for ultimate comfort •It utilizes large gauge D-Rings so you can rest assured your pooch is secure on his or her lead •It’s made of washable designer fabrics so you can keep your pup’s specialty dog collar in pristine condition •It’s made in the USA •It’s built to last—we use tough nylon webbing that can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure Want your dog to really turn heads? For an extra $11 we will hand embroider your dog's name on this super cool collar. Just tell us your pup's name at checkout and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind designer dog harness for your pooch! XSMALL 6-11" GIRTH 5/8" WIDE SMALL NARROW 9-15" GIRTH 5/8" WIDE MEDIUM NARROW 14-21" 5/8" WIDE MEDIUM WIDE 14-21" 1" WIDE LARGE WIDE 17-24" 1" WIDE XLARGE WIDE 22-30" 1" WIDE COUPLERS Who said Dog Couplers can't be high fashion? Mimi Green twin coupler is designed to easily and stylishly walk 2 dogs at once. Choose a webbing color that matches your Mimi Green leash! Walking a big and little dog at once? Let us know if you want one side of the coupler shorter or longer than the other side. Easily walk two dogs at once 1 inch wide or 5/8'' wide Soft, fashionable nylon Secure snap bolt clasp small narrow 5/8" x 12" small wide 1" x 12" medium narrow 5/8" x 18" medium wide 1" x 18" large 1" x 24"